Stunning Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Stunning Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Many homeowners spend a lot of time decorating the walls of their rooms. However, not many pay attention to the fifth wall of a unit: the ceiling. There are plenty of stunning bedroom ceiling designs that can make your bedroom stand apart. We shall explore some of the best ones in this blog.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with a conventional design, investing in creative ideas to make your bedroom ceilings beautiful pays off in the long run. There is a unique pattern available for every homeowner and every budget. It all depends on what you want to incorporate into your bedroom setting for adding that extra touch.


Here are some of the best bedroom ceiling designs ideas you can go for to beautify your master bedroom.

  • Painted ceiling
  • Well-lit ceiling
  • Dropped or False ceiling
  • Tray ceiling
  • Cathedral ceiling
  • Beam Ceiling

Let’s explore these different designs in detail.


Some people find a stark white ceiling quite boring. You don’t have to settle for a dull paint color for your bedroom ceilings. You can add more elegance by painting the ceiling a soft or neutral shade. This way you can add more warmth to your bedroom. You can also transform the look of your bedroom by using a vibrant colour or stripes on your bedroom ceiling to enhance your room.

paint your bedroom ceiling
Sky blue, light peach, or pale yellow are the best colours for your bedroom ceiling

Pros and Cons of Painted Ceilings


  • Lighter colors can make your room look larger
  • You can add patterns and other embellishments for a dramatic effect


  • When walls are damaged, paint can chip and you will need to repair your ceiling more often.
  • Wrong choice of colours can make your room look smaller


You don’t have to do much in case your ceiling is naturally a unique shape. Sometimes, all you need is to add beautiful light fixtures to light up your bedroom. The latest bedroom ceiling design also comes in handy when you want to stick to your white painted ceiling. 

In fact, you can make your room look more spacious by adding a false ceiling and then incorporating contemporary light options. For homeowners who have budget constraints, adding lights to the ceiling is the best affordable way to give an aesthetic touch to a room. Opt for energy savers or yellow-colored lights to give a spotlight effect.

Pros and Cons of Well-lit Ceilings


  • You can choose from a wide range of LED’s to make your room brighter
  • You can install the lights in clusters or control them separately. This is a great idea if you want to zone the lights to light up specific parts of your room.


  • Although LED’s generate less heat, installing lights is not the best option for a small room
  • Spotlights can damage your ceilings


false ceiling
False ceilings or dropped ceilings are incredibly popular design options

Not too long ago, dropped ceilings, aka false ceilings, were just a convenient cover-up for unpleasant pipes and wires. But today, simple false ceiling designs for bedroom have transformed high-style decoration options for creating your signature look. There is an extensive range of beautiful patterns, finishes, and textures to choose from a variety of bedroom ceiling designs.

You can opt for textured or smooth mineral fiber ceiling panels. There are several other types of surfaces including plaster-look styles or fine sand. Some people like to use geometric designs to add more finesse to their false ceilings. Just make sure you keep proportion in mind, when you are selecting a texture or a specific pattern. You must choose designs and patterns which are in accordance with the size of your room. In case you have high ceilings, you can also add dropped beams. White or painted beams make your room feel airy and light.

Since false ceilings are one of the most popular types of bedroom ceiling designs in our homes, let’s take a look at their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of False Ceilings


  • This bedroom ceiling design is easy to install. However, you should avoid any DIY project, if you are not familiar with the tools and equipment used in the installation process
  • A dropped ceiling cover all the electrical wires, pipes, and duct work which can give your bedroom ceiling a cluttered appearance
  • A false ceiling also serves as a sound absorber. The ceiling is designed to contribute to noise reduction
  • Since false ceilings are removable, you can easily repair or replace a dropped ceiling


  • A false ceiling reduces your bedroom’s height. Hence, it is not the best choice of bedroom ceiling design for a small bedroom
  • A dropped ceiling is not as strong as a conventional ceiling, especially during an earthquake or a catastrophe


beautiful tray ceiling design
Tray ceilings look elegant and classy

Although, most homeowners usually choose tray designs for their kitchens and dining rooms, they look equally great in bedrooms. One of the most popular ceiling design ideas, this sophisticated ceiling is built upwards and is cut out to resemble a tray. The design has a rectangular center that is either inverted or popped out to give a beautiful effect to your bedroom. This ‘tray’ can go up to 6 inches to a foot deeper. You can also add steps to create a more dramatic effect. Decorative moldings appear great on such ceiling design ideas.

Pros and Cons of Tray Ceilings


  • Can add an elegant decorative element to your bed room
  • Create perceived height as the lowered edges keep the middle higher and open than the rest


  • There aren’t too many creative options when choosing tray ceilings
  • Needs more material and more space to build


Vaulted ceilings or cathedral ceilings have equal sloping sides that shape an upside down V. The ceiling is attached to the roof trusses and goes up to the top of the house, sometimes elevating to 15 feet or higher. The trusses must be wide enough to guarantee proper insulation and ventilation.

cathedral ceiling design
Cathedral ceilings make your room look bigger

Such ceiling design ideas for bedroom are more popular among first-floor living rooms and bedrooms. Home owners like to incorporate this design in their master bedrooms or baths. Although, the stunning bedroom ceiling design adds more warmth and space to a room, it is difficult to paint and install light fixtures on this type of ceiling. But, it is one of the best small bedroom ceiling designs to make your room look more spacious.

Pros and Cons of Cathedral Ceilings


  • Makes your ceilings look bigger
  • Adds more light to the room


  • These ceilings are difficult to create in existing homes


These ceiling designs are becoming more popular in contemporary and modern rustic bedrooms. Although, it is traditional, you are sure to find many rooms with load-bearing beams, which are exposed in the inside of the home. These designs creates an interesting contrast and depth to the room. Typically, the beams are constructed out of hardwood.

ceilings with beam design
Beam ceilings add a contemporary touch to your bedroom

Not all bedrooms utilize load-bearing beams. Instead, the use of light-weight faux beams are more popular for a better visual impact. They are also popularly installed in spacious dining homes and living rooms.

Pros and Cons of Beam Ceilings


  • They are light-weight and available in many textures
  • You can also add lights to faux beams


  • Beams can overpower small rooms
  • Can be expensive to install


  • Controls odor
  • Lightens up a dark room
  • Adds more color (if you decide to paint your ceiling)
  • Serves as a cover-up to hide problems in your bedroom
  • Add more depth to your rooms


Make sure you identify all plumbing or roof leaks which lead to water spots, before installing a ceiling design. You can check if your roof needs to be repaired by identifying recurring problems such as stains or mold on your ceiling. Once, you finish doing all the repairs and the ceiling dries out completely, you can repaint the ceiling to correct all damages.

It is important to clean your ceilings and do small repairs frequently, to avoid hefty maintenance bills. You need towels, water, a step stool or ladder, and an all-purpose cleaner to keep your bedroom ceiling designs damage-free. While there are several ways to deep-clean your home, you can always recruit professional help to keep your ceilings in good condition.